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Archivio di Stato - Sezioni Riunite
Via Piave 21, Torino

invited by
ARTISSIMA LIDO - Artissima 19
avec le soutien de l'Alliance Francaise de Turin

At the Archivio di Stato, Irmavep Club is creating a show that explores the notions of memory
and transmission, tracing new paths between oral history and writing, in a guided tour of the “past
within the present”. The visit to the exhibition takes place at regular intervals and visitors are led
from room to room along a pre-established path, wending their way through the labyrinth of
symmetries that makes up the former San Luigi hospital.
The oral aspect of the experience thus takes on a new meaning, even though the guide remains in
silence, escorting visitors and stopping every so often so that they can watch a film, listen to
audio or look at an object.
The National Archives become the backdrop for a chronicle in which the works are positioned in
the past, laid out within a narrated time frame made up of miles of paper and ink, ancient maps,
giant mechanisms for preserving knowledge. In this shrine to chronological order and mnemonic
rationality, Libretto VI erases all spatial and temporal references, giving a new pace and
movement to perception.

Click here to download the poster in English or in Italian.

Phillip Sollmann
FREEZE (divided sensations), 2012
4 rooms sound Installation
Courtesy of the artist

Adélaïde Feriot
Le belvédère, 2012
Two characters and sculptures
Courtesy of the artist

Jacob Jessen
Untitled (Jørgen Brønlund journal), 2012
Blank replica of the original journal of Jørgen Brønlund,
11.5 x 16 cm
Courtesy of the artist

Jacob Jessen
Untitled (weightless)
, 2012
Leds, batteries
Courtesy of the artist

Daniel Gustav Cramer
Orrery, 2011
HD on Blueray, color, sound, 20min.
Courtesy of the artist and Bolte Lang, Zurich

Rosolino Lucania